The Client Process

We begin the process by understanding your core business, understanding what skills are required to perform the position and what profile will best succeed in the role. We then use our expertise and experience in the market to select a few highly qualified candidates for you to interview. We continue to work with you during the interview process and provide assistance in candidate screening, interview follow-up, and reference checking and ultimately; communication of the offer.

We recognize the importance of personal/professional relationships and we build these relationships through personal attention, industry expertise, providing our experience in the marketplace and our commitment to helping you find the right candidate.

Manning Personnel Group has established a strong reputation for providing knowledgeable and thorough recruiting support to its clients. In the recent past, Manning Personnel Group, Inc. has appeared in articles regarding employment in places like the Boston Globe and most recently was quoted on MSNBC and WCVB news. Manning Personnel Group, Inc. looks forward to helping your career progress or assisting your company in finding quality professionals.

Our Process

1. Client visit. When we begin any new relationship, we prefer to meet with our client contacts onsite at his/her company, as appropriate, to get sense of the environment and to discuss the client’s needs in person

2. Develop a deep understanding. For each job opening, we will have an in-depth discussion with our client to understand all relevant elements of the position to ensure that we pursue the most appropriate candidates

3. Compensation consulting. If helpful or the client requests, we are more than happy to draw upon our experience to advise as to appropriate compensation for the open position. We will also help tailor/create the job description as needed

4. Recruiting plan. Upon gathering the necessary information, MPG will prepare a recruiting plan with specific tactics for recruiting the most ideal candidate. One element of this plan is a competitive assessment through which we ascertain which other companies have talent that would be fit for your needs

5. The hiring process. With your specific needs in mind, we will screen appropriate job candidates to arrive at a select list of top candidates that we feel will best represent our firm’s reputation and commitment to quality. We’ll then coordinate logistics to facilitate a smooth interview process between these top candidates and your hiring committee

6. Reference checks/Background checks. Once you communicate an interest in one of our candidates, we offer our services for conducting thorough third-party reference/background checks (including credit checks and drug testing).

7. Negotiation of offers. Naturally, we handle all interaction with the candidates, including the negotiation of compensation. We believe in being upfront with all parties to finalize a compensation package that is satisfactory for all

8. Ongoing communication. Our work doesn’t end with the first day of employment. We will stay in close contact with you to ensure that the best possible match has been made and to address any questions/issues as needed

9. Satisfaction guaranteed. We stand behind our work with a money-back guarantee that varies depending on each candidate’s length of employment.

Please let us know how we can help you meet your goals.

Finding the most highly qualified candidate for your needs is our first priority.