Our Process

Above all else, Manning Personnel Group wants to ensure that the right people are matched with the right jobs, resulting in mutually-beneficial, long-term relationships for all parties. Over the past 25 years, we’ve had great success forging these relationships by adhering to a proven, repeatable process for job seekers and clients. The steps to success are as follows:

Job Seekers

1. Send us your resume! You can either use our upload resume page or send us an email. Your resume will be received by a staffing consultant on your behalf. Once reviewed, they will contact you for an initial conversation about how we can best assist you with your search.

2. Interview. In an in-person setting at our offices, we’ll have a deeper conversation with you about your interests, skills/background and career aspirations. At this point, we’ll introduce you to relevant job openings to start the process of determining if there’s a fit.

3. Resume review. As part of the interview, we’ll work with you to improve/develop your resume to ensure the greatest likelihood of success as we begin a job search on your behalf.

4. Career counsel. Throughout the course of our interaction, we’ll share career advice and counsel as appropriate given your background and career goals.

5. Identify potential matches. From here, we’ll match your profile against the many job openings we have at a given moment and discuss each one with you to provide you the option of having us pursue on your behalf.

6. Let the fun begin. Upon securing interest from our client companies in considering you for employment, we’ll prepare you for each job interview, down to what to expect and even what to wear.

7. Negotiating an offer. Upon successful completion of the necessary interview rounds, and once our client companies indicate their interest in hiring you, we’ll work to arrive at an appropriate offer that meets your satisfaction.

8. Ongoing communication. Our relationship is far from over once we place you in a job. We want to stay in contact to help you with any questions or issues as your career progresses.